Welcome to Treviso

The 26th Congress of EATB will be held from 18 to 20 October, 2017, in the Veneto city of Treviso, not far from Venice.
This year we will, as usual, address the key issues related to Tissue Banks, from quality to regulatory harmonisation at the European level, from research to cooperative study programmes.
This year’s Congress will, however, have a more clinical focus compared to previous meetings, with the intent of clearly describing the part played by each “tissue” in improving treatment. The emphasis will thus fall on the tissue bank’s role as a clinical tool.
Operating rooms and outpatient clinics can not only provide elements to evaluate tissue safety, but should also serve to direct research into new tissues with a view to solving clinical problems. Accordingly, the various meeting sessions will be opened by leading clinicians in the field, who will outline how each tissue in question is currently utilised, describing use-related benefits and pitfalls, and highlighting issues that require further research efforts.
The Congress thus endeavours to be an effective updating opportunity not only for those working in tissue banks but for anyone wishing to learn more about current clinical implementations. The contribution of eminent clinicians from the various fields of application will help determine synergies and identify areas of study where existing clinical experience is simply anecdotal or lacks scientific rigour.
We trust this approach will open up new horizons in the fascinating world of human tissue utilisation and contribute to improving the outcomes of many surgical procedures.
It is therefore our pleasure to invite you to take part in the 26th Congress of EATB, not just because it promises to be a scientifically valuable meeting, but also because it offers the wealth of landscapes and artistic beauty in which the Veneto region abounds!

Welcome to Treviso!

Giuseppe Di Falco         Adolfo Paolin

Fondazione Banca dei Tessuti di Treviso ONLUS
EATB 2017 Local Organizing Committee