Treviso: Wine & Dine

Food & wine define Italy just as poignantly as Michelangelo’s frescoes and the Colosseum. Food is a question of pride.
The Italian culinary heritage, deeply rooted to each area’s culture, products and traditions, is alive and thriving. Countless tantalizing specialities await you anywhere you go.
Explore and understand Italian food and wine while in Treviso
Dine in tiny trattories or relish specialities in open air markets:

Here some tips:

www.ristorantetonidelspin Tel: +39 0422 543829 Address: Via Inferiore, 7, Treviso
It is among the most excellent traditional restaurants of Treviso, located in the ancient city centre and behind the beautiful Piazza dei Signori, this tavern hosts its guests in a comfortable environment offering typical Veneto region cuisine.
Only DOP Ingredients are used in the recipes, and there is also an interesting wine and grappa selection.


Tel.: +39 0422 583390 Closing Day: Wednesday Address: Via Pescheria, 23, Treviso
The cuisine of this local inn, located in front of the Pescheria Island, is focused on the traditional element of the ancient Venetian tavern offering a typical and home-cooking meals with an excellent selection of the finest local wines.
The menu follows the seasonality and the variation of the different products: “Radici e fasioi”, a typical Treviso dish made with radicchio and beans; warm sandwiches stuffed with local ready-sliced meat and cheese; and the “famous” Prosecco bun which is something different and unusual to taste.

LE BECCHERIE Tel. ++39 39 0422 540871 Closing Day: Tuesday
Address: Piazza Ancilotto, 9, Treviso
Le Beccherie is a restaurant and wine bar combining class and informality in a unique and modern environment.
You will find true Veneto-region tradition, but also new and revised recipes, in which it is possible to find the famous Italian dessert “Tiramisù”, which was invented in the XX century and proposed in the classic and decomposed version.


L’INCONTRO Restaurant Tel. ++ 39 0422 547717 Closing Day: Wednesday Address: Largo Porta Altinia, 13, Treviso
L'Incontro Ristorante is a refined and elegant place. It is very close to the City Theatre and the University buildings in Riviera, and it is the meeting place of many illustrious names in the arts and culture.
The restaurant deserves particular attention to the stream of seasons and nature fruits: during the Fall season, clients can try the tasty porcini mushrooms and the sweet Radicchio, a typical local product, which is part of the classic menu and it is served in several dishes and methods.


DA PINO Tel. ++ Ph0422 56426 Address: Piazza dei Signori 23
The passion for quality, genuine flavours, the tradition and the choice of the freshest ingredients, where, everyday, only excellence is selected to enrich the pizzas and give flavour to the dishes of traditional Italian cuisine.


STEFANO DASSIE ICECREAM Address: Via Calmaggiore, 60 - Treviso
The best ice cream in Treviso!
One family, three professionals and one champion:”…When a customer comes into our shop, we enjoy watching his reaction: there’s the undecided that is dazzled by the variety and colors, the loyal customer that goes straight to the point, the curious asking us for advice. And it’s always a pleasure to see them enjoying the first taste, when the gelato slowly melts between the tongue and the palate giving off its qualities. ..”