Treviso– the city of water and frescoed houses - is a very ancient small jem in the heart of the Veneto Region.
Its story is quite complicated: boiling down, it was first inhabited by Venetos and Celts, then conquered by Romans, later turned into a Seignuory and a City-State, before passing under the Republic of Venice in the 1300s.
It has been well known since the Middle Ages as the capital of the Marca gioiosa et amorosa – i.e.province of joy and love- for having been the center of a flourishing courtly love poetry and literature.
The denomination Marca Trevigiana is still common nowadays and it embraces a territory encompassing Treviso and the surrounding hills and plain, dotted with medieval castles and fortresses, feuds, and charming villages, and blessed with an enchanting natural setting made up of rolling hills covered with vineyards, olive groves and orchards.
Besides that, towns like Venice and Padua are easily reachable as well from Treviso and surrounding areas.